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December 29th

Goals Today:

  • Vegan X (chicken)
  • Grain Free √
  • Wheat Free √
  • Corn Free √
  • Alcohol Free √
  • 30 min of Mediation / Yoga x


  • Coffee
  • Smoothie (water, banana, spinach, strawberries, grapes, spash of lime juice


  • Chickpea curry (chick peas, canned tomatoes, snap peas, curry powder, onion – I think that was all that was in there.  My g/f made this last night while I was dining out with a friend.  It was really good – much better than last night’s dinner.  Guess we should have eaten at my house 🙂
  • Lunch Salad


  • 2 apples
  • cashews


  • Cinnamon dusted butternut squash
  • Cabbage, Chicken, and Almond Salad

Today was good.  Really busy, but good.  I had dinner at Whole Foods deli and stayed wheat, grain, and corn free so that is good.  I like the deli although they do use a lot of oil in the food.  I chose the foods that looked the least grease laden and both of my dishes were quite good.  The squash was a bit dry and so was the salad, but I would rather have it be a bit dry instead of oily.


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